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Now anyone can run their business online

Get your business running online with True Local’s Virtual Assistant PowerPack.  Manage bookings, schedule appointments, keep record of your customers, collect and issue payments and manage employee workloads all in one easy place.

Manage your business online with True Local

Manage your business

Your Virtual Assistant PowerPack allows you to accept credit card payments from your customers and send branded invoices.  Internally, you’ll be able to manage your employee’s workflow and view their schedules.

Receive live insights

Use live data to make the best decisions for your business.  With the Virtual Assistant PowerPack you’ll be able to see who’s clicking through, visiting your website and booking your services.  You’ll even be able to track customers that don’t show up or haven’t made a payment.

Keep track of your customers

Keep your customer records in one secure place. Easily locate their favourite services or any recurring treatments or appointments.  Set up reminder texts and emails so your customers never miss an appointment or follow up with a thank you message inviting them to book again.

Organise your bookings and appointments

Our intelligent virtual assistant allows your customers to schedule appointments through your website or social media pages.   You’ll be able to view all appointments in your calendar, assign bookings to your employees and receive live notifications when you’ve received a new booking or a change in schedule.

"I have had so much business through True Local... so happy I did it..."
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Steve showing Cheryl the online business manager


Steve showing Cheryl the online business manager


Coming soon, leave your details to be first in line
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